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EN 62040-1-1 is the reference standards regulating the basic safety requirements for UPS used in operator access areas. EN 62040-1-2 is the reference standards regulating general and safety requirements for UPS used in restricted access locations.

Electromagnetic Compatibility

This is the capacity of equipment to work without being disturbed (immunity) and without disturbing (emission) other equipment due to electromagnetic disturbances on electric wires and irradiated. EN 50091-2 and IEC 62040-2 are the reference standards which also defines the testing procedures.


The reference document is the Performance Requirements EN 62040-3. It is a guide for a better understanding between manufacturer and user since it defines which performance must be declared as well as the relevant testing methods.

All YSPUPS’s have been designed and built in accordance with all the above standards and therefore bear the CE mark.

CEI, CENELEC and IEC are the recognized standardization bodies respectively at national, European and international level. Such standardization guarantees the compliance with CE Directives.


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