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Power problems
blackout, voltage disturbance

Power problems are caused by various sources such as distribution network faults, system switching, weather and environmental conditions, heavy equipment or simply just faulty maintenance.

Why an Uninterruptible Power Supply?

Data centres, servers, LAN nodes and telecommunication systems must always be protected against possible problems in the power supply. Sudden blackouts and variations in the mains supply may lead to system malfunctions and severe data losses. But even other electrical equipment can cause damage or inconvenience if there is a breakdown in the mains. Just think of the check-out systems in a supermarket, lighting systems and industrial production units, not to mention safety systems, pumping systems and automatic devices in general.

The simplest and most effective way of coping with these disturbances is to install a UPS unit (UPS stands for Uninterruptible Power Supply). Acting as an interface between the mains and the loads, the UPS guarantees the continuity and the quality of the electrical power supplied to the loads, whatever the condition of the mains may be. In fact these systems stabilise the voltage perfectly, eliminating all disturbances. They even supply voltage when the mains fails, by means of a series of batteries which give a back up time that is generally sufficient to guarantee the safety of persons and of the system. In order to decide which type of appliance is able to guarantee thebest level of protection, you must know the types of mains problems that can disturb your systems.


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