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Power problems
blackout, voltage disturbance

Power problems are caused by various sources such as distribution network faults, system switching, weather and environmental conditions, heavy equipment or simply just faulty maintenance.

Why an Uninterruptible Power Supply?

Data centres, servers, LAN nodes and telecommunication systems must always be protected against possible problems in the power supply. Sudden blackouts and variations in the mains supply may lead to system malfunctions and severe data losses. But even other electrical equipment can cause damage or inconvenience if there is a breakdown in the mains. Just think of the check-out systems in a supermarket, lighting systems and industrial production units, not to mention safety systems, pumping systems and automatic devices in general.

Types of Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)

Passive Standby Uninterruptible Power Supply (Off-line) (VFD)

This type of UPS, also called Off-line UPS, is connected in parallel to the normal AC source. The current is filtered in order to attenuate the most frequent forms of disturbance. In the event of a power problem the UPS transfers the load to the batteries to supply stabilised power: the inverter only switches on when the mains fails or fluctuates outside the input voltage tolerances of the EMI filter or if it is fitted with Automatic Voltage Stabiliser (AVS).

Evaluation parameters

Apparent power (in VA or kVA)

It is defined as: PAPP =V x I

for single-phase load: PAPP = V x I x √3

for three-phase loads where V is the load voltage supply and I is the current absorbed by the load in normal load conditions. This information is normally shown on documents and/or load nameplates though it may be shown as an oversized value.

Power quality and mains disturbance

Electronic equipment functions properly as long as the utility is available and with high quality. Unfortunately not always this is possible because most of the power quality events are caused by factors beyond the control of the Distribution Company. These factors may occur either externally (in the network distribution system) or internally (in the facility when the system is located). External causes may be for example storm, lightning, high wind, tree limb contact, construction activities etc, while the internal causes may be switching of the machine, capacitor banks, fault or maintenance activities. Depending on the events the power quality disturbances may vary in type, duration and intensity. Typical power supply disturbances that cause major bad effects on your load are listen below.

Technical Standards


EN 62040-1-1 is the reference standards regulating the basic safety requirements for UPS used in operator access areas. EN 62040-1-2 is the reference standards regulating general and safety requirements for UPS used in restricted access locations.


Q1. What is UPS?
A: The full name of UPS is “Uninterruptible Power Supply”. It will immediately supply computers mains to
maintain the normal operation when power failure or abnormity.

Q2. Why should I need UPS?
A: Un-stable power quality will effect the operation of computers. UPS will not only immediately supply power to computers while power failure, but also protect against wide utility voltage. It will also offer users pure power and store your important data whether you are there or not. Therefore, UPS becomes more and more important equipment for computer & 3C users.

  • AC Efficiency : The ratio of the output power from the UPS to the input power from the AC utility in Line mode.
  • AC Utility : The electric power furnished by an electric power plant.
  • AH : The unit of battery capacity.
  • Ampere (Amp or A) : The unit of for electric current.
  • Automatic Voltage Regulator (AVR) : An AVR regulates voltage to the appropriate level.
  • Backup Time : The time provided by battery in a UPS system when AC utility loss.
  • Battery Charging Current : The current to charging the battery that is regulated from the AC utility by the circuit inside the UPS.

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